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About Andrea Bridger

Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, & Sound Meditation Guide

As a long-time lover of movement, my yoga journey began as a supplement to marathon training in college. I felt an immediate pull toward the deep soulful healing that yoga and meditation offered. The stillness in mind, the clarity, the present-moment awareness brought with it a depth of consciousness that I had yet to experience.

For the first time, I witnessed the power of separating my mind’s constant chatter from the wisdom of my inner voice.

I felt called to deepen my understanding of these ancient healing practices and share them with others.

When I was introduced to my first sound bath experience, I was instantly affected by the soothing vibrational sounds and the deep state of relaxation. I knew I wanted to learn more and include this in my offerings and healing modalities.


Shortly after sound healing became a part of my life, I continued my reiki journey and became a reiki master and love to incorporate reiki into my sessions. 

My passion is holding space for people to be quiet and find stillness.


Something that is so hard these days in a world where the noise of life can get deafening, and we all need ways to find calm. One of my greatest joys is bringing yoga to people who may not think these practices are “for them.” Many people initially find mindfulness practices intimidating, whether age or physical fitness level. 

My current studio space is in the Loft at Donna Lane Day Spa located in Southern Pines, North Carolina. I offer private and small group sessions, and within the Loft's intimate setting, I customize many different options for clients: beginner yoga, small group sessions, sound therapy (individual and group), reiki sessions, and monthly specialty classes such as restorative yoga, and sound baths. I also enjoy collaborating with other wellness educators in the community. 

When I am not teaching I enjoy spending time with my husband and friends, taking long walks in nature, traveling, and spending time at the beach. 


  • Registered Yoga Teacher - 500 hour RYT; Yax Yoga Concepts

  • Reiki Master

  • Sound Meditation Guide


Recharge your body, mind, & soul. 

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