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About Andrea


My yoga practice began as a college student in search of a new form of exercise to supplement my marathon training. Yoga was secondary for me until  I was introduced to Baron Baptiste’s Forty Days to Personal Revolution workshop. Yoga has now become a way of life, part of my soul. I crave the quiet space and stillness of the mind as well as the intense physicality. Yoga has strengthened me in body, mind, and spirit, and, it has helped me look inward and become conscious in a way I had never experienced. Yoga helps calm my mind, let go of fear, and trust my inner voice. 


My yoga and meditation practice has taught me that life is about choices. We can choose the life we want to live, and we can retrain the mind to deal with life as it is, not as we think it should be. We all can choose to be happy moment by ordinary moment...that is enough.  The yoga lifestyle encourages us to make healthy, balanced choices and teaches us to respond rather than react when we are off the mat. Being present is the practice of yoga.


One of my great joys in teaching yoga is introducing this life-changing practice to men and women who never thought yoga could be for them. I find that many people resist yoga due to age, weight or physical condition. Through my private small group programs, I have introduced yoga to people that never envisioned themselves as yogis. The practice of yoga has no age, demographic, or physical boundaries. 

I was introduced to Sound Therapy during my time in the California desert and immediately fell in love with the  the soothing benefits of the vibrational sounds, and deep state of relaxation. My cozy little space, Om Shanti Healing, was created from my desire to share this modality with my community and provide a therapeutic environment to offer self care through sound, yoga, reiki and meditation. 


Off the mat you can find me running, biking and spending time with my husband, Mac, sipping wine and playing with our black lab mix, Gause. 



200 hour RYT  Yax Yoga Concepts


300 hour RYT  Yax Yoga Concepts


Katherine Roberts Yoga For Golfers Level 1 and Level 2 Certified


Reiki Practitioner


Yoga For Kids Asheville Yoga Center


Academy of Sound Healing (Level I and II)


Andrea Bridger
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