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Setting Intentions

“That was the day she made herself promise to live more from intention and less from habit” Amy Rubin Flett

Having recently completing my 500 advanced teacher training with Yax Yoga Concepts, one of the many take-aways I would like to share is the process of setting intentions. This is an excellent time as we transition into a new season, finding a bit more routine, taking inventory to notice if there are things in our life that are serving us, and, if not, deciding what we can let go of as we move forward.

An intention is an objective that guides your actions. Something you want to move towards based on your emotions or your feelings. Living with intention is a path, a responsibility. Intentions are road maps through life.

Why should we set an intention?

Intention setting is a safe and sacred space for love to always rise above fear in order for you to dream big “Sara Prout”

If we don’t know where we are going. How can we possibly get there? We each have the power to manifest into our lives the things that we want and need.

Intentions help us take small steps towards truly creating the life that we envision for ourselves. Intention setting is so important, because it triggers the first step in the process of manifesting. It is key to manifesting personal and professional goals.

Intention setting helps create more clarity in our life.

Areas of your life where intention setting can be helpful include: relationships, career, health, spirituality, healthy living

How to set an intention:

The process of setting an intention is deciding what you want, getting a clear picture, feeling as if it already is, and then detaching from the outcome. Be clear and specific with the clarity of your intention.

An intention holds little power if there is not a valuable reason for why you want to achieve it.

When setting an intention, you see it as if it has already happened and feel gratitude. Also, when we set an intention, we are more likely to make choices that support our intentions, in what we do or think. With intention we have a goal, but we also have a certain attitude about the process of getting there. Literally visualize how your intention will look, sound, feel, and taste.

I have been setting an intention for so many things recently to help me align my thoughts.

An example I will use below is an intention I used while I was decluttering and organizing our home.

1- Start by writing a detailed description of your intention

(Phrase in a way as if it has already happened)


  • Thank You for my home being organized and minimal

  • Thank you for clearing space and donating things we no longer need/use

2- What I want it to look/feel like


  • Our home being simple and beautiful with small touches of love without excess or clutter

3- Feeling Tone


  • Peaceful, organized, simple, clean, comfortable

It is so important to feel or believe what you are saying. Remember if you don’t BELIEVE it will happen, it won’t.

Do I believe I deserve it?

Do I believe it is possible?

Am I willing to have it completely?

Are my intentions in line with my purpose?

Acknowledge how you desire to feel

After you set your intention, then what?

Each morning, or several times a day, revisit your intention. Relinquish rigid attachment to a specific outcome and intend for everything to work out as it should. You are trusting the universe has your back.

A fun next step is creating a vision board which pictorially represents your intentions. (more on that in a future blog).

Dr. Wayne Dyer, affectionally known as the father of motivation says "you create your thoughts, your thoughts create your intention, your intentions create your reality".

Remember energy flows where our intention goes!

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